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Lamps with partly open reflector coatings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028285D
Publication Date: 2004-May-07
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Lamps with partly open reflector coatings

A surface exhibiting colour neutral metallic reflectivity as well as transmission at well-defined colour can be obtained by applying a single regularly patterned metal layer. The periodicity of the pattern determines the transmitted colour.

The layer can be obtained as follows:

- a substrate surface is completely coated with a thin continuous metal film, e.g. with Ag, Cr, Al or Au by means of for example PVD;

- subsequently a monolayer of uniformly sized latex spheres is deposited on the coated surface, for example via spray- or dip-coating;

- then said monolayer is covered with an etch-resistant protective film in such a way that the voids around the latex spheres are covered with this film;

- subsequently the spheres are removed by washing, etching or thermal decomposition;

- then the parts of the metal layer not covered by the protective film are etched in such a way that locally holes are formed in the metal film, these holes have the same periodicity as the removed spheres had exhibited on the metal layer. Said periodicity  is thus specified by the size of the used spheres and thus of the wavelength of the transmitted light through the partly open metal layer.

The reflective layers thus obtained are very suitable for use in lamps, e.g. automotive amber or red stop lamps. Said layers can be combined with coloured glass surfaces to enhance the colouring properties of said glass in the on-st...