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Hot Runner Product Brochure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028340D
Publication Date: 2004-May-10

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Brochure including injection molding nozzles, hot-runners, and design systems.

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the new benchmark in hot runner technology.

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you spoke. we listened.

your mandate

Quick start-ups, consistent part quality, superior uptime and faster cycle times - all from a completely reliable system without the traditional hot runner downtime. We understand your needs - and we've delivered on them with the Master-SeriesTM, our new breakthrough hot runner system. It guarantees the unsurpassed performance, reliability and value you've been asking for. Frankly, no other system compares to the Master-SeriesTM by Mold-Masters® - it's the new benchmark in hot runner technology.

raising the bar

The Master-SeriesTM line of hot runner systems offers state-of-the-art performance. Features include the new Conductive Infusion Coating (CICTM) Technology combined with our optimized heating system for improved heat profile. Our EnduraTM

Technology ensures exceptional thermal response and durability. Add to that our patent-pending Master-SealTM and Visco-SealTM innovations - and you've got the industry's most technologically advanced hot runner system.

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Mold-Masters® is the global leader in hot runner technology.

We invest heavily in research and development and have more than 1,600 granted and pending international patents.

We design and manufacture the industry's most advanced hot runner systems, temperature controllers and complete hot half solutions.

We offer unparalleled products and service in over 40 countries, with facilities in North America, South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim - wherever you are.

Mold-Masters® ... performance delivered .

Henry Nap, GM of Dynaplas, reviews automotive components with Mark Nagy of Mold-Masters®

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build your system.

faster time to market

Speed is critical in business. Designers need custom drawings immediately, mold-makers need quick, hassle-free start-ups and manufacturers need to be producing parts yesterday. MasterSPEEDTM was designed to deliver. MasterSPEEDTM successfully integrates four key business systems - Merlin®, design automation, manufacturing automation and our Enterprise Resource Planning system. With dozens of nozzle-manifold combinations, all available with completely flexible pitches, MasterSPEEDTM is the most comprehensive rapid delivery program in the industry.

MasterSPEEDTM offers same-day drawings and rapid system delivery

This 16 +16 cavity, 2 material, stack hot half produces a two-color, hinged closure

broader range of solutions

When your hot runner needs go beyond the usual, there is no better partner than Mold-Masters®. Encompassing a world of expertise, from multi-material and stack mold technology to sequential molding and complex gating techniques, the MasterSOLUTIONTM program is the answer to your most complex hot runner requirements. MasterSOLUTIONTM leaves no...