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Truthful handwriting style Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028344D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-11
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The article prpoposes an easy way to let the graphical output of a written text resemble an handwritten text

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Truthful handwriting style

During the years spent studying my University exams, I always found easier to remember the pages written by hand, rather than those written in textbooks. I think this is not due to the content of the page (I tried to read notes written on the computer... it was a disaster), but to its graphical impact. Any handwritten page is always "unique" in some way. Signs on the paper, maybe some scribble, makes the page something easily recognizable. If some of these features are not reproducible on an electronic page, others are. In this paper I propose a way to elaborate the graphical output of the page so that it could get nearer to the output of a handwritten page.

The main idea is to re-parse the text and add some graphical output to "glue" the letters.

Look at the following text:

The output is nice, still the 'B' character is not connected to the 'a' character, the 'f' character is not connected to the 'u' character...

reparsing the text we could easily join the letters as in the following image:

From a technical point of view, the challenge is not too hard: every character is painted on screen by a set of points. The 'c' character, for example, could be represented as follows:


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A 'c' character, followed by a 'i' character, would be represented in the following way:


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The algorithm could reparse the gra...