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Stimulating miniaturized stop lamp Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028366D
Publication Date: 2004-May-13
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ID 399880 : stimulating miniaturized stop lamp

* US5139115 describes a braking indicator system combined with an ABS system, so that when ABS is activated, the braking indicators flash.

* US3460089 describes a braking indicator system leading braking indicators to flash within a limited amount of time and then continuously burn when the driver is braking.

* US3760353 describes a braking indicator system that makes braking indicators flash each time a certain deceleration rate is exceeded.

Stop lamps are currently facing two major issues: ghost effect and color wash effect. Ghost effect means next driver sees red light coming out of the luminaire due to the sun, though the car facing him is not actually braking. Color wash effect means the next driver doesn’t see the stop light on upon too much enlighten of the red luminaire by the sun. The abovementioned patents do not solve these problems, as the stop lamps flash only during a very short period of time, and only in case of urgency.

In order to solve this problem, what is proposed is to have the stop lamp flashing as soon and as long as the breaking pedal is pressed. The invention proposes an electronic modulus built in the cap of a stop lamp, in order to generate a pulsed stop light each time the stop lamp is on. In this case, all current braking indicators can be replaced by this autonomous flashing lamp. A vehicle having stop lamps that flash when the breaking pedal is pressed is also be claimed, even if the stop lamp i...