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Light source invisible in its off state Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028368D
Publication Date: 2004-May-13
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ID399881 : light source invisible in its off state

A silver top lamp, which already exists, is a colored lamp (e.g. amber colored) having, on the top of the bulb, a silver coating. When placed in a car luminaire with a reflector, a user only see a silver color when the lamp is off. The user does not see, in principle, the amber color of the lamp, which is very aesthetic. When the lamp is on, the amber light is reflected by the silver coating, then by the reflector, so that amber light is generated outside the luminaire.

The problems to be solved are that in the off-state, the user always see a small part of the colored lamp. Moreover, only one colour can be generated with a given lamp.

The solution is the following : The silver-top lamp is placed in a system that generates a relative translation between the light source, the top of the lamp and the reflector part, so that in its off-state, the light source shows its top to the reflector, and in its on state also shows part of its uncover body to the reflector. Therefore, light will be emitted by the lamp and reflected by the reflector part in the on-state, and the coloured part of the lamp is totally invisible in the off-state