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Household item tracking/locating device for handicapped and/or security purpose Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028410D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-14
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A handheld device which can inventory household items and monitor the inventory automatically.

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Household item tracking/locating device for handicapped and/or security purpose

This device utilizes the existing security tags attached to the household items(the latest version is RF ID, which is used by merchants to track inventory) to perform the home inventory list creation and monitoring. This device also locates the misplaced household items by attaching an extra special tag to the easily misplaced household items, which will beep when the locate button on the handheld device is pressed. This device provides a very convenient means for people to track/locate household items. With a security surveillance mode to monitor the household items, it can even be connected to the home security system to fire the home alarm when any monitored household items are moved out of the home.

The proposed handheld inventory device can recognize the security tags/RF IDs attached to the household items. By scanning the household items through it, the homeowner doesn't need to manually enter anything to create the inventory list at home. With a LCD display, the inventory list can be viewed easily.

For easily misplaced household items, this device can locate the items with an extra special tag attached to the item. While the household item is highlighted in the view list, pressing the locate button on the handheld device will make the special tag beep. This device also has a security surveillance mode. Upon entering the security mode, it will take an initial list of household i...