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"Join meeting" Groupware Function Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028483D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-17
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Have you ever been in a meeting room, waiting for people to arrive? Often, someone in the meeting will bring up an instant messaging (IM) client and send a message to the people who haven't arrived yet, saying something like, "We're in room A305, will you be joining us?". Proposed here is an integration between calendar and Instant Messager functions, that will allow a user to easily accomplish this task through a graphical user interface..

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"Join meeting" Groupware Function

We propose an integration of calendaring and instant messaging function. An existing calendaring application - Lotus Notes, for example - could be enhanced as follows: The meeting message would have a button for "send message to attendees"

This would bring up a dialog box listing the attendees for the meeting, perhaps with

checkboxes to select who should and should not receive the message. It would also have a box for a text message, which could be optionally prefilled with boilerplate text with a greeting and the meeting location and/or phone number. Upon clicking a "Send" button on the dialog box, IM sessions would be started with

all of the selected recipients, sending the specified message.

Obviously, this mechanism could be used to contact the individual by other means as well, such as a text or voice message to a cellphone, a message to a pager, or any other messaging-capable device.