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Reference of Analysis Data by Code Management Component Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028484D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-17
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Reference of Analysis Data by Code Management Component

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Reference of Analysis Data by Code Management Component

When using analysis tools (such as Rational Quantify) to diagnose performance or issues within large programs or environments, the amount of data that is retrieved is unwieldy. The data can be separated into class names, or function names, but oftentimes in large products there is an issue of discovering ownership of problem areas. Using packages or class name hierarchy to highlight problem area ownership is impossible, as development groups will touch files in many packages, or one package will be owned by several development groups. The "big picture" of the analysis data oftentimes contains many other components, outside the reach of the investigating development group. For example, in a Websphere EJB transaction analysis, DB2 JDBC class files can make up a large part of the total method time. These class files are also not easily grouped into one large "DB2 cost" due to the many different class name hierarchies. The idea of this publication is to add a new property to the data that is either:
A) The code library "component" for the class file if it is known.
B) The .jar file or library that the class file belongs to if it is not known. For example, in a line of quantify data, the class name is referenced in CMVC. If an owning component is associated, a new property is added to the data line. If it is not discovered, then the class name is referenced in the local .jar files or libraries that exist on the mac...