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Nondisruptive Method for Displaying Time Series Data in a Browser Client

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028492D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-17
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The proposed idea embodies a method for initiating the collection and refresh of SVG graph data without requiring user intervention or the re-rendering of the entire web page. Fine-grained manipulation of requests and responses and SVG document DOM manipulation are used to provide that nondisruptive display capability.

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Nondisruptive Method for Displaying Time Series Data in a Browser Client

Current mechanisms for showing time series data in a browser client rely upon manual or script-initiated "refreshes" of the originally requested page. That is, the user must manually push a "refresh" control or a script must initiate a new request to the server for the same page in order to show the most up to date data. This mechanism, whether initiated by the user or script, is very disruptive in nature. The entire page, or the data display section of the page if it has its own source, must be repainted by the browser client after the response is received from the server. Before the response is renderered, the browser client will also generally remove the content that was previously there before rendering the new content. The effect is a "white out" for some period before the new content is fully rendered. The resulting user experience is generally poor due to the fact that the page refresh is so disruptive. Users are required to re-examine the refreshed portion of the page in order to re-establish their context of data evalution.

The proposed invention is a nondisruptive method for showing time series data. The basic idea is that client side script will be used to manipulate the server response data (DOM manipulation) in a way that does not require refreshing large portions of a page, an entire dataset, or the entire page. The resulting user experience will be that of a natural, fluent, nondisruptive scrolling set of time series data. As new data arrives on the client, it is rendered individually by the script and appended to the existing rendered content. The user is able to track the data across time, as...