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Method to Correct or Implement Device Code Pages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028497D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-17
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A method is disclosed to provide corrected or customized vital product data for a SCSI or IDE device to an operating system or application.

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Method to Correct or Implement Device Code Pages

Frequently the vital product data of a small computer system interface (SCSI) or integrated drive electronics (IDE) device that provides operational mode parameters is not optimal for a given Operating System (OS) and hardware platform combination. The device manufacturer is often asked to provide vital product data (VPD) that is customized to the OS/platform combination. On other occasions it is determined that the VPD may need correction to rectify a device problem. These changes require that the manufacturer provide a microcode revision that has to be downloaded to the devices already in the hands of the customer. Quite often it is disadvantageous for a device manufacturer to provide VPD updates that are only beneficial to a small fraction of the potential users of their devices. Disclosed here is a method that will allow the OS to use the device as if a VPD update had occurred without the actual device VPD being updated.

A data file is created that mimics the layout of the VPD that would normally be obtained from the device via commands issued to the device. This data file contains the corrected or updated VPD that normally would be downloaded to the device. The OS or application program is designed to look for the existence of this data file and if found, will use the data in the file instead of the data normally obtained from the device. The data file will contain header information used to specify to the OS...