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Import Utility for Domino.Doc Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028610D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-24
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This disclosure is a solution for batch processing of paper or electronic documents to be tagged with Meta Data then imported into a Lotus Domino.Doc Document Management solution. Included in the document management import solution are facilities that provide collaboration, approval workflow, and Meta Data tagging prior to import which separate it from other import utilities.

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Import Utility for Domino.Doc

This disclosure describes an web-based IBM Domino based document management import utility which is a utility to process batch mode imports of documents into a Lotus Domino.Doc Document Management solution. The differentiating points in this import utility are the solution facilities that provide collaboration between end-users, Meta Data tagging performed by end-users via editable selection lists and text boxes, approval workflow established to verify information prior to import, and information imported into different File Cabinets and Binders selected by end-users prior to being imported. Other import solutions provide batch mode import, but the collaboration aspects, approval workflow, and ability to specify a File Cabinet and Binder per import document separate this solution apart from the others.

The import solution allows an end-user, in the process called a Scan Team member, to OCR a paper document resulting in an electronic file. The scanned electronic document file is attached to an import document into an intermediary application called the "Scan Import Application" by the Scan Team member where Meta Data is associated. The import document can be saved as a "Draft" document to be later modified by the same Scan Team member or another designated team member. Meta data is primarily associated to the import document based upon editable selection drop-down lists which can be updated and maintained by a solution administrator. Collaboration can take place by several individuals on the import documents prior to the Document Management solution documents being created. Once all the information has been collected related to the import document, it can be approved for importing into the Document Management solution and given a "Submitted" status. A Domino Agent which is schedu...