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Mouse With Pocket Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028642D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-25
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A computer mouse with a pocket to allow insertion of heating devices, etc.

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Mouse With Pocket

Disclosed is a computer mouse with a pocket. Design of an
ordinary computer mouse can be modified to include a door to
empty space inside. A hinged door seems best, but a sliding door
would also be possible, and conceivably even a cloth covering
would be acceptable. Something such as a clasp or velcro needs
provided to keep the door closed.
Additional modifications to the mouse could provide improvements
for the pocket. Internal repositioning of the roller ball or
other parts could increase the size of the pocket and may be
desirable for balance and feel. One might choose to change the
external shape too -- the variety of shapes found in the market
shows that there is no universally accepted ideal. Certainly, the
size of the pocket could be increased by increasing the external
dimensions of the mouse.
With data entry today so often done via mouse, much design
consideration is given so the mouse user finds it easy to have a
natural grasp. Really easy entry requires this in mice. But for
some people, particularly in winter, their hand gets cold while
using a computer mouse. The impact can range from minor
annoyance to actually quitting or avoiding computer use. The
number of people encountering this problem may be expected to
increase as the population ages and computer use by elderly
people becomes common. It would be nice to have a heated mouse
to grasp.
With the modifications described, one can make use of the empty
space typically found within...