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Car Navigation Web Service Network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028701D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-27
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GPS based car navigations systems, such as NeverLost, are very beneficial but suffer from a poor user interface for entering destinations. This article describes a system where a traveller can download addresses from calendar and travel itinerary applications using Web services. The traveller can then easily select the desired destination from a list stored in the navigation system.

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Car Navigation Web Service Network

Disclosed is a system that simplifies the use of onboard GPS car navigation systems, especially those installed in rental vehicles. GPS car navigations systems, such as NeverLost used by Hertz, are a great benefit to the traveller. However, they suffer from the drawback of having a very poor user interface for drivers to enter their destinations. For example, the NeverLost system uses a very small cursor keypad which makes entering addresses very difficult. To enter an address, the driver must move the cursor several times for each letter. This process is error prone and time consuming. It is also a safety hazard if the driver does this while the car is in motion. Furthermore, this process assumes that the driver knows the address or has it available. In practice, this information may be packed in the driver's luggage. This invention provides a way to download addresses into the navigation system, thereby eliminating the need for the driver to enter them manually.

Typical car navigation systems have local memory where they can store previously entered destinations. This invention takes advantage of this memory for preloading addresses so that the driver can easily recall the desired destination rather than entering it via the cursor keyboard. This is accomplished by creating Web service interfaces to the driver's calendar and travel planning application, and by adding an application to the car navigation system to access the addresses stored in calendar and travel itinerary entries during the rental period. For example, the travel itinerary will typically include the hot...