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Multiple Component Firmware Architecture For Rich Function Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028715D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-27
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Normally device firmware is designed and packaged as a single entity. With the IBM 4001, due to the device complexity as well as different customer requirements, the firmware architecture is extended to modularize the various components.

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Multiple Component Firmware Architecture For Rich Function Device

The major components are illustrated as follows:

Custom Device Application (Specific customer business logic/requirements)

Specialized Components (EMV for smart card support, Terminal specific parameters, etc.)

Basic Device Input Ouput System (Common to all configurations)

Figure 1. Multiple Component Firmware Architecture For Rich Function Device

The various components are described below:

    1. Custom Device Application: contains only the customer specific logic and requirements e.g. the various customers may have different requirements ranging from how to handle the error cases in reading the magnetic stripe reader (MSR) or smart card data and/or how to handle the MSR data read from a smart card to having a customized screen for the signature capture device. This component separates the customer business logic and requirements from the common underlying device architecture. This component is customer specific.

    2. Specialized components: these components can be added on a per customer or a per model basis. For example, certain device model will or will not have EuroPay Mastercard Visa (EMV) support for the smart card reader.

    3. Basic Device Input Output System: contains all of the device primitives services e.g. MSR, touch screen, smart card programming interfaces. This component is common to all device configuration.

    Note that each component can be downloaded/updated independently from each other....