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Method To Invoke Multiple Device Functions At Boot Time Using A Touch Screen Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028716D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-27
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Usually a keyboard is needed to invoke a variety of functions at system boot time. Different keys on the keyboard can be pressed to select a specific boot time function e.g. Set up, Calibration, Diagnostic, etc. This presents a challenge to devices that have only a touch screen as the main input mechanism. Since this selection must happen very early in the boot process, the display driver and the touch driver are usually not loaded. As a result, the function selection must be done using very simple and rudimentary mechanisms.

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Method To Invoke Multiple Device Functions At Boot Time Using A Touch Screen

    To overcome this problem, we propose that the screen can be sub divided into small areas with specific function group assigned. When the user touches one of these areas at boot time then the specific function assigned to that area is invoked.

The method is illustrated below:

Touch Screen

Virtual Grid Lines

    Note that the Calibration Utilities area can invoke another screen which can invoke a variety of the calibration utilities e.g. touch screen calibration, other device calibration, etc.

    If the touch screen is not calibrated properly then the user can invoke the touch screen calibration utility using either of the following methods:

1. Touch the touch screen anywhere twice to invoke the touch screen
2. The BIOS can display a symbol on the screen to indicate a timing window during which the touch screen calibration can invoke if the user touches anywhere on the screen.

BIOS Set Up area

Calibration Utilities

Diagnostic Utility

Firmware Update Utilities


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