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Mechanism for Supporting Launching Selectable Device Specific Management Applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028725D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-27
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Supporting launching selectable device management application in SAN management environment is an efficient way to help user to satisfy his/her special requirement to manage the device specific aspects from a single point entry, but we don’t have a way to do so far, especially a way that can dynamically provide choices for user to launch based on the device user is interested in. The mechanism described here tries to achieve this goal.

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Mechanism for Supporting Launching Selectable Device Specific Management Applications

To achieve the goal above, we will need to a mechanism to collect device specific management application it supports and present them as friendly GUI interface for user to choose based on the selected device and our invention is the solution. Here are the major tasks our invention achieved in SAN Manager:
1. Collecting device specific application during device discovery,
2. Present each application as choices for user to select when discovered device is presented and selected on SAN Manager
3. Once selected, launch the selected application.

1. Collecting device specific application during device discovery

As we know, some network devices, such as Fibre Channel switches and storage devices contain applications to assist in the management and configuration of those devices. Some of these device specific applications needs to be predefined and others needs to be lively discovered . In this case, since we build this invention on top of the current SAN Manager, SAN Manager Database is used to save those predefined application rules based on the device type, vendor, model etc. For example, the Launch Rules table can be defined as follow:

Class_typ e

Inde x

When App_Typ e

Then APP_I


E3 1 1 MyApp 100

2 o

1 Icelt.mgmturladdr 000

When a device is detected, its type, vendor, model and some management application information are also discovered through inband agent and/or outband agent. Those discovered information will be used to query the table above to form the application information list. From the table above, you can see those predefined information and live discovered data will be used together to form the final applications the device will support. For example, if device is type 'E3' and its vendor name is 'MyCo', the application name will be 'MyApp'; otherwise if the vendor name is 'YourCo', the discovered mgmturladdr will be used as the application name. If the device satisfies both rules, both application names will be returned. Through this way, we collect application data dynamically. If device can support new application in th...