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Cellular Phone Signal Strength Chime Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028745D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-28
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Cellular phone networks are notorious for having dead spots and problems handing off calls from one cell area to another when users are highly mobile. When driving a vehicle, a person may be travelling at a high rate of speed across these trouble areas, resulting in an intermittently poor signal. For a driver attempting to place a call, it can be dangerous to continuously glance down at a cell phone to check if the signal strength is sufficient to place a stable call. This invention seeks to alleviate that difficulty. By enabling the phone to give off audible chimes that represent the current signal strength, a user need not divert their gaze to continuously check their signal strength.

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Cellular Phone Signal Strength Chime

To implement this invention, the user would be able to place the phone into a signal chime mode. Once engaged in this mode, the phone can chime in a number of times that is representative of its current signal strength. The phone can then pause and repeat this notification at intervals until the mode is disengaged or a call is placed. There are other ways to audibly signify the signal strength, such as pitch, Morse, etc., however this is my preferred embodiment.