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Double password system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028789D
Original Publication Date: 2004-May-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-May-31
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Disclosed is a system which has double password. One is genuine, the other is fake. This system is secure from illegal access.

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Double password system

The system itself is for general purpose, but to clarify its merit, the following description is the one for bank accounts.

Recently, there are many cases in which criminals illegally withdraw money from bank accounts. This disclosure depicts a system to prevent such cases. The client, establishing an account at a bank, assigns two passwords. One is genuine, and the other is fake. It is recommended that the former is hardly guessable, the latter EASILY guessable such as the date of birth.

When the genuine password is entered, the system functions normally.

When the fake password is entered, the system functions normally, but in addition, a background routine runs.

The background routine might execute some measures for security.

The following chart explains the system functions.

Video system attatched to ATM booth

Account DB

(1)  The system, as an ordinary on-line system, consists of ATM and the Center  system. ATM and the Center system are connected by a line. ATM is  also connected  to the Security agency. In the account DB, account No., genuine password (PWD_G), and fake password  (PWD_F:for crime prevention) are registered. In addition if the system support the upper limit for withdrawal for a day,  this value (WUL) is also  registered.  (*1)

 When an account No. and a password  are keyed-in, the system checks the  password. If it is PWD_G or PWD_F,  the normal withdrawal routine runs and sends  deposit order to the ATM. Even if the password is PWD_F, the person at ATM  (criminal) does not notice that it is fak...