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Synchronization feature for source code repository in Integrate Development Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028839D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jun-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jun-04
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An Integrate Development Environment (IDE) has many features to handling the concurrent software development. Usally a IDE works on a source code tree, different developers can manipolate the source code (typically ascii file with c,c++/java code) in concurrent mode. A developer usally checks-out a file, she/he edits it, then she/he checks-in the file. During the development on a file, the file is locked and updated, the other developers don't known when the file is available again, usally they refresh frequently the source tree waiting for the file's avalability. My idea consists in a new feature for IDEs to handle the automantic source tree synchronization. In short, the IDE will have an automantic configurable feature "to listener" the changes in source code by other developers and "to signal" the change to IDE's current user.

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Synchronization feature for source code repository in Integrate Development Environment

The main idea on the basis of "synchronization feature" is an architecture client-server message-driven shown in Fig.1

    The IDEs client is connected to central repository as usal, but in this architecture the source code repository server and the IDEs client should use a bus to communicate the changes on source code tree. For example if a developer chechs-in a source file after some changes the source code server produces a message on the bus. The other IDEs client are listening on the bus and they will get the message produced by server, then this message will be notified to developers in IDE environment during normal developer work.

    In this way all developers will be always updated about all code's changes without manual refresh of source code tree.

    The developer will configure the "synchronization feature" setting after having linked the project to source tree repository. For example he/she can configure the following parameters:

    - Select the action to execute after a file change: accept the file updated in own project , make a "diff" before accepting the file updated, see a popup windows simply and so on.


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- Select the source subtree that should be monitoring.

    - Select the filter to apply for event notification. In example we could choose to monitor only a file deleting or a file renaming but we couldn't h...