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Report Events CW, CH, CT and MultiParty to the SCP Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028920D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-25

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A lot of information about a call can be provided to an IN service in the Service Control Point (SCP) according to the CAMEL standard (abbreviations used in the text and in the figures see Fig. 11). Some information can be provided e.g. with the establishment of the connection to the SCP. This is e.g. information that Call Forwarding (CF), Call Hold (CH), Call Wait (CW), Call Transfer (CT), MultiParty might occur. The service may forbid e.g. MultiParty or CH or any of the pending services. To retrieve further information about future events occurring or not occurring during the call set up, the service may request a report or notification about such events. This is e.g. information about the answer event, which triggers the start of the charging for a prepaid subscriber. Some information is relevant for the service itself, some information is relevant for charging. However, it is still not possible - according to the CAMEL and ETSI-INAP standard - to pass the information about an occurring Call Hold or Call Wait to the SCP. This information is included in the charging ticket of a postpaid subscriber and may thus be charging relevant. I.e. this information may be of interest for a prepaid service.