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Temperature-based Fuel Cell Freeze Protection Via Electric Heater Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028929D
Publication Date: 2004-Jun-08

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Fuel cell stack operation requires humidification with deionized water. After a fuel cell system is stopped and allowed to cool, water vapor condenses inside the fuel cell. If this water is not removed from the fuel cell system, damage to the fuel cell system components may occur if the water freezes. Existing methods of solving this problem require the removal of water from the fuel cell system's components. This is accomplished by blowing dry air through the fuel cell system (stack and related components) using an on-board electric air compressor. This process consumes energy and requires additional valves, microcontrollers, and their associated control methods to route the air through specified components. Additionally, this method can excessively dry out the internal membranes of the fuel cell stack, which can result in reduced fuel cell stack life.