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Heart Rate Monitor In Headphone Set Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028959D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-25

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Many people prefer to know the heart rate during making sport, e.g. running. They use a sensor in the form of a cable bound around the chest connected to a watch-like device carried on the wrist. This device calculates the heart rate and displays it. At the same time many of these people like listening to music during running and in succession they use a head set with a sport clip (clip behind the ear) connected to an audio source. It is proposed to include a heart rate sensor into the head set. Many head sets used for running have a so called sport clip that keeps the headphone in position (Fig. 1). The headphone remains in the ear with the help of this clip which generates a small pressure avoiding unwanted movements of the headphone. The heart rate sensor can be placed at that sport clip accordingly to touch the skin. Fig. 2 shows a smart ear lobe sensor. A similar small sensor will be integrated into the sport clip. A separate cable leads from the sensor to the microphone (Fig. 3). In the microphone the signal will be conditioned and sent to the device (e.g. mobile phone) using the microphone channel. The calculation of the heart rate can be done by the device for example by a mobile phone. Based on the mean impulse distance of the heart beats the pulse rate is calculated and shown on the display of the mobile phone (Fig. 4).