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A tanning lamp with coloured reflector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028962D
Publication Date: 2004-Jun-09
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Fluorescent lamps with UVA and UVB phosphors are used for tanning purposes. A typical tanning unit consists of an array of tanning lamps, radiating UV to the body. In many units, reflector lamps are use to increase the irradiance levels. Due to the blue light of tanning lamps, the skin colour is perceived as cold white during the tanning session. However, the intention of the tanning is to show a gold brown colour.

By increasing the amount of yellow/ green light, the colour impression of the body is improved. In DE 102 31 257 A1 such an adaptation is described using a phosphor with an yellowish radiation, i.e. YAG:Ce. The disadvantage of the use of these phosphors is de decrease in UV radiation.

The invention proposes to mix the phosphor with the yellowish radiation in the alumina reflector layer. Due to the improved optical efficiency, there is less decrease in UV radiation while obtaining an equal shift in colour point.