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Intelligent Scaling of Fonts in Annotations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028964D
Publication Date: 2004-Jun-09

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Any image when displayed or printed needs to be annotated with useful information. For example, all clinical images need to be annotated with at the least the patient name, patient ID and other parameters useful for identification of the image and aid in diagnosis. One method of annotating these images is to burn in the annotation into the image itself before they are sent to the printer or to a display device. In order for the images to be legible, invariably the images are zoomed by the printer and printed (or by the display device). . If a fixed font is selected for rendering the annotations, then they get scaled differently as the images get scaled differently (since the annotations are a part of the image itself). The rendering engine on the host needs to be more intelligent to use different size annotations on different images so that the annotations are legible when printed.