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A UI (User Interface) container that arranges components in a grid of cells that are in rows and columns, the number of rows and columns being configurable through a resize of the container, through mouse drag. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028965D
Publication Date: 2004-Jun-09

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In Java, the layout associated with a container controls the display of components on the container. A layout automatically arranges components on a container according to the rules set for the layout. Currently, most of the layouts that Java provides (that support arranging components in a grid), expands each component to fill the available space within it's cell, when the container is resized through mouse drag. None of the layouts provides the provision of adding/removing rows and columns to fill the available space. Hence after a resize, the container will still display the components in the same row-column configuration with extra spaces between the components, if the individual components are not resizable.