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Floating Legend Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028997D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jun-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jun-10
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Disclosed is a floating spreadsheet legend where a set of related values that represent static abbreviations can be stored as floating text legends and later visually presented to the user via a floating context window for easy access.

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Floating Legend

Legend are quite common in spreadsheet application. In extending the idea of static legends in current spreadsheet applications, we give the user the option of saving several static spreadsheet legends which can be displayed for reference at a later time as the user maneuvers around the spreadsheet. For instance below there are 2 static floating legends displayed with their corresponding legend values.

1) Static Floating Legend 1 - Deliverable List ($- Purchase Product, CBP - Competitive Briefing Presentations, CBB - Competitive Briefing Book)
2) Static Floating Legend 2 - Department Name (A - Availability, I- IAD, P - Performance, M - Market Manager,T-Test)

Dynamic floating legends can be easily extended from the concept of a static floating legend. With static floating legends the legend values exists over a static area and have static values. With dynamic floating legends the user could define a set of values over a group of cells or using and OLE object. For instance if the legend area is defined as A1:B25, the legend may not occupy all the cells in the A1:B25 area. Users would then have the option of allowing for additional area for growth/shrinkage of the legend. Any new values that are added/deleted within the defined group of cells will be updated in the floating legend window and visually displayed to the user.