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New Seal Face Retainer Design for Existing and New Products Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029000D
Publication Date: 2004-Jun-10

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In the past we have used snap rings in a snap ring groove to prevent the stationary face of the mechanical seal in our seal sections from moving out of their seats if there is a pressure differential. During testing, we found out that the stationary face can start to move with as little as a 10PSI difference. The snap ring and groove does correct the problem, but is costly to machine and the older existing parts can not be modified to this design. Testing with "Push-On Internal" retainer rings proved successful with holding the stationary face in place. The major set-back was the scratches that it left behind during installation. These scratches ruin the O-ring sealing area in many of our applications. Thus the need arose for a new retainer ring design that could be easily used in our existing designed bar stock parts and not compromise our sealing surfaces. By modifying the "push-on internal" ring design to be a combination between a push-on and snap ring we come up with a new retainer category.