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Wellbore debris removal tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029003D
Publication Date: 2004-Jun-10

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The Fishing Services group has developed a new downhole junk retention magnet system that significantly improves tool strength; provides several times the amount of rare earth magnets; allows for easy field cleaning and redressing; and has no screws or bolts that may be loosen and become lost downhole. The new tool utilizes rare earth magnets encased in stainless steel tubes. The tubes are embedded in longitudinal slots and captured securely by a solid loading ring. Both normal service and high temperature service magnets are available for use. If the need arises, the magnets can be easily removed from the tubes and replaced. Making the tool unique in the industry is its ease of use and the ultimate security of the magnet assemblies. Once the magnet assemblies are loaded, the tubes are placed into the appropriate slots in the tool body. The solid rotateable loading sleeve captures one end of the tube while the opposite end is firmly held in place by the body. Once all the tubes are loaded, the sleeve is locked in position After the tool has been run in the well and retrieved, the operator has several cleaning options available. The first is to simply wipe the accumulated debris from the tool. If more thorough cleaning is desired, the loading sleeve is unlocked, rotated slightly, and the tubes are lifted from their slots and wiped clean. The body can be washed clean and the tubes reinserted.