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Navigation Control and Gesture Recognition Input Device for Small, Portable User Interfaces Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029018D
Publication Date: 2004-Jun-11

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TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention generally relates to input devices such as proximity sensors. DESCRIPTION OF EXEMPLARY EMBODIMENTS The detailed descriptions found in this document and in the various attachments hereto are merely exemplary in nature and are not intended to limit the invention or the this article and uses of the invention in any way. For example, although the devices described herein are frequently described in the context of a capacitive touch sensor and an MP3 player, similar concepts and structures could be used with a broad range of touch or proximity-sensitive input devices in association with any computing devices such as portable phones, global positioning systems, personal digital assistants, handheld and laptop computers and the like. Additionally, various input and computing devices of the present invention are not limited by the drawings, pictures or other representations contained herein, but rather encompass a wide range of equivalent embodiments. According to various exemplary embodiments, incorporating gesture and/or handwriting recognition into a proximity-sensitive input device provides enhanced browsing and navigation capability in a computing device such as an MP3 player. Users are allowed to quickly navigate through lists of information to find desired entries by entering text or other identifying information on a touch-sensitive surface. A proximity sensor recognizes the identifying information, which allows the device to quickly locate the desired entry for the user. A user may navigate to a particular artist or song stored on an MP3 player, for example, by entering the first letter(s) of the artist name or song title on a touch-sensitive surface. The proximity sensor recognizes the letter(s) entered, thereby allowing rapid navigation to the identified entry.