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Run-time Enhancement of Hyperlinks for Enabling Speech Assisted Web Browsing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029046D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jun-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jun-14

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Disclosed is a method of enhancing the hyperlinks on a webpage to make them distinct from each other, so that if a person speaks the hypertext, rather than click on the hyperlink, the user will be re-directed to the intended URL. The hyperlinks are parsed from the web page content. The page structure is determined in a standard format, the context for each hyperlink is determined and hyperlinks are re-defined. The web-page with enhanced hyperlinks is displayed to the user. The user has an access to visual, graphical interface, however, no access is assumed to a mouse or a pointing device to select a hyperlink. The user may be able to see the hyperlinks, but not select any one of them without voice input. For a speech recognition system, corresponding grammars are dynamically generated for the enhanced hyperlinks. These grammars are used by a speech recognition system to specify the list of allowed sentences/phrases that a user can speak. The grammars generated are such that they cover all the hyper links in the web page. Additionally, additional browsing commands (such as go back, next page, scroll up, etc) are also handled by a parallel grammar that can be compiled and stored prior to the browsing session. This mechanism of generating grammars based on the content and structure of a web page leads to easier identification by the user and better speech recognition by the speech recognition system. The speech recognition system recognizes the user's utterances, and associates it with the closest match to one of the hyperlinks as represented by the grammar. The speech recognition system, then, re-directs its output to the browser, which loads the web-page referred to by the hyperlink.