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Improved character handling for zXA Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029073D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jun-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jun-15
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A technique is proposed for optimizing the implementation of a programmable state machine.

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Improved character handling for zXA

The paper "XML Accelerator Engine" by van Lunteren et al. [1] presents a new concept for accelerating the processing of XML documents, which is based on a novel programmable state machine technology. This programmable state machine technology applies a special hash function that is denoted as the BaRT algorithm [2] to search for a so called transition rule that matches the current state and input values. This search operation involves the calculation of a memory address based on the start address of a "current" hash table in combination with a hash value (index) that is derived from the current state and input values. For a detailed description is referred to [1].

The presented idea comprises a method that allows a simple and consequently fast implementation of the address calculation step. The first aspect of this idea involves a new transition rule vector definition, in which the mask field in the original transition rule vector as shown in Figure 6 in [1], is split into two separate mask fields: a "state mask field" and an "input mask field".

The second aspect of the presented idea involves the replacement of the "mask register" shown in Figure 4 in [1] by two registers: a "state mask register" and an "input mask register" that are used to store the corresponding masks for the current state cluster and which are updated based on the corresponding transition rule vector fields in case of a transition to a different state clus...