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Printer Friendly Views in Portal Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029092D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jun-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jun-15
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Today, the web environment, provides a rich content view of information made up of complex layouts that consist of text and binary images. Example layouts include multi-column layouts such as one might find a newspaper, content broken up by advertisements and other unique visual elements. Many websites offer printer-friendly views. These views consist of content that has been specially formatted to fit traditional printing characteristics such as: 1. multiple page content on single page 2. eliminating high resolution images or subsituting them with low-res 3. other format changes that make content more efficient to print With the creation of portals, content segmentation has increased in layout complexity. Now, not only is the page of a portlet segmented in a traditional manner as described above, but multiple segmented portlets are contained within a single printable view.. There does not exist any simple means to isolate the rendering of a single portlet for printing puposes.

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Printer Friendly Views in Portal

This article proposes a new "portlet print mode". In this mode, the rendering of a single portlet can be enabled for printing. Typically HTML web page is printed as one entity. However this disclosure describes a mechanism by which portlet rendering - which form a segment of the an HTML web page - can be viewed for printing and printed.

Print mode consists of a number of new elements introduced to a portlet state. The first new element is a print icon that is anchored next to the other mode decorators (maximize, minimize, help, edit, configure). Upon activation of Print Mode via a single use click on the print mode decorator, a print request would be received by the portlet resulting in a view switch with the following properties:

1. Portlet is put into Solo mode, thus isolating this portlet form the others on the page.
2. Call a specialized portlet API (doPrintView) which results in a response: a specialized print view
3. Specialized view would use known art today to format content for print.

Printing a porlet is not limited to a single portlet on the page, meaning this invention could be extended to allow multiple portlets on the page, and potentially other portal pages, to be selected for printing and then have the print action drive the print view for all the selected portlets. The print action could then be configured to assemble all the print views into a single page for printing or print each as a separate page.

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