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System and Method for Pause and Resume of a Resource Adapter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029122D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jun-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jun-16
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Pause and Resume of J2EE Connector Architecture Resource Adapters

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System and Method for Pause and Resume of a Resource Adapter

The lifecycle management contract, as defined by the J2EE* Connector Architecture, provides for stopping and starting of a Resource Adapter. Stopping involves tearing down all of the connection pooling and management infrastructure associated with the Resource Adapter so that subsequently starting the Resource Adapter incurs the same overhead as during its initial installation. After restarting, it takes time before the whole working set of the Resource Adapter can be reestablished, during which time applications using the resource suffer a performance loss.

     This invention describes how a Resource Adapter may be suspended, in order to perform maintenance or tuning of a Resource Adapter and its inbound and outbound connection artifacts, and later resumed without having to recreate all the infrastructure and working set associated with the Resource Adapter. A system administrator or autonomic agent may suspend a Resource Adapter for a variety of reasons:

   To change properties of a ConnectionFactory or ActivationSpec such as authentication data. To temporarily relieve stress on a backend resource. To perform maintenance on a back-end resource. To stop activity to a resource while a suspicious incident involving the resource is being investigated. The lifecycle manager implementation accepts requests from an MBean to stop, start, pause, resume, restart or shutdown a Resource Adapter. The paused state is maintained in the lifecycle manager as well as the connection pool managers of each underlying connection pool for that Resource Adapter. The pause and resume methods are delegated to a ConnectionFactoryDetailsImpl instance which maintains state in the appropriate ConnectionManager and PoolManager implementation instances. If a request for a connection is made while in the paused state, an exception is thrown to indicate that the resource is not available. In the paused state, though, connections in the connection pool(s) remain active and ready for service once the Resource Adapter is...