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Time-Limited Coupons and Tickets for Wearable Display, with Peer-to-Peer Replication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029190D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jun-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jun-17
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This invention transmits time-limited coupons, admission tickets and similar indicia of entitlement wirelessly to a wearable personal display device. It also provides for peer-to-peer transmission of the indicia, and novel business methods based thereon.

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Time-Limited Coupons and Tickets for Wearable Display, with Peer -to-Peer Replication

We exploit a new category of personal wearable pervasive computing device such as the Nokia Medallion imageware (see Fig. 1). Such devices are worn as jewelry or personal adornment, can display images, and can communicate wirelessly. We also exploit existing short-range wireless communication technologies, including but not limited to cellular, Bluetooth, 802.11, and infrared. Technology exists to transmit printable postage stamps, shopping coupons, admission tickets, etc. over a network. Finally, we take advantage of an emerging social phenomenon, the "flash crowd". A group of people who may never have met are notified of an event and show up at a predetermined place and time (such as, at a specific department store eating a banana, or in a public library carrying an umbrella).

Figure 1. Nokia Medallion imageware device

An object of this invention is to distribute time-limited coupons, tickets or offers wirelessly to wearable display devices in the vicinity of the merchant. A further object is to exploit social engineering phenomena to improve propagation of the coupons, tickets or offers. The scenario depicted in Fig. 2 illustrates the invention.

Figure 2. Scenario


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Display worn by a person

Time-limited advertisement, ticket, coupon Honored while it is displayed on the device Times out after pretermined interval

A restaurant or drinking establishment in an area frequented by pedestrians wants to attract walk-in patrons before 6 PM. The establishment has been offering a 2-for-1 special by way of a placard in the store front, but with little effect. The invention enables the establishment to transmit time-limited coupons to nearby pedestrians for display on the user's wearable pervasive device. The coupon is displayed for a limited period of time and will be honored while it is displayed. When the coupon times out--either after the expiration of a fixed internal or at a predetermined time--it ceases to be displayed. While the coupon is displayed, the patron can enter the establishment, place an order, show the coupon to the waiter, and receive the special. The invention could also be used for movie tickets, subway passes, sporting events, concerts, museums, and the like, for which a user pays in the conventional manner.; the ticket or pass is transmitted to the user's wearable display device, displayed visibly, and honored until it times out and disappears.

The patron may be alerted to the arrival of the coupon/ticket/offer (hereinafter called "coupon") by an existing notification mechanism on the pervasive device such as a sound, LED or vibration. Or the coupon may simply appear and be visible to the wearer, and/or persons in the company of the wearer.

In addition to still images, the coupon may also include audio and video components, including live audio/video of the advertis...