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Use of Computers for Wireless Remote Paging of Locator Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029289D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jun-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jun-21
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Computer monitoring and location of devices and paging of devices through software

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Use of Computers for Wireless Remote Paging of Locator Devices

This publication addresses the ability to find things such as misplaced keys, remotes, wireless phones, cell phones, or other devices or things through the use of device locating of wireless devices through a computer system and then being able to trigger a page/alarm/sound on the remote device to be able to locate it.

Current technology allows for finding remote keys through radio waves and transmitting devices, and through the use of remote paging devices separate from computers, often individual devices that transmit a radio signal to the device. In certain situations this is not enough. Some of the devices used to page require batteries themselves. When a key has a remote paging device, it is set up as a one way device, with all signals coming in. Batteries can fail, the devices that are used to page the paging device attached to those objects needing to be found and signaled can break down as well.

The core idea is the concept of using a computer to signal a locating device that can be attached to keys, remotes or other items that might be misplaced or lost. The advantage is in the use of a computer to find a device in a house rather than an another external device that signals the paging device that has been attached to certain items, in the event those items get misplaced. The advantage here is that there is no reliance on an extra device in addition to the device that is attached to an item. It can all be done from the computer.

What is proposed is a devic...