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VideoBass - an instrument for visual live-performances Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029301D
Publication Date: 2004-Jun-22

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The VideoBass is an unique hardware/software-combination for controlling live-visuals. Shaped like a electric bass-guitar, it relies on the guitar-paradigm where, basically speaking, the left hand chooses between a wide variety of possible notes, and the right hand triggers them. On the VideoBass, the user selects video-clips with his/her left hand by means of rotary buttons (like tuning keys on a guitar). Once a clip selected, every single frame of video becomes accessible on the instrument's strings. By moving one's finger up and down the frettless neck, you can choose any particular image in the clip. With ones right hand, one can trigger the clip by slapping a TactBall, a sensitive sphere located on the instrument's body. Additionally the TactBall lets you dissolve between different videos and control their playback speed (by means of slightly moving the ball). Other controls for image parameters can be located on the instrument's body (for saturation, contrast, color balance etc..), as well as a mode switch for different play modes. The instrument serves as a Human-Computer-Interface for the VideoBass software, where the actual image processing takes place.