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Monitoring system for PC cable locking Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029335D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jun-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jun-24
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Disclosed is a system to monitor if PCs in an office area is cable-locked. A lot of people use a locking-cable to be attached to a PC and to an immovable thing to prevent PC theft. This system checks if PCs in an office are attached to the locking-cable. If not it sends an alarm message to the PC to notify the PC user.

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Monitoring system for PC cable locking

This system consists of PCs themselves and a monitoring device. When the  monitoring device finds that the PCs are not attached and locked to the  cable, it sends an alarm message.

1. The PCs have a sensor card for the  locking-cable.
2. One monitoring device is installed for a  group of PCs in the area, say,  a hundred PCs.     If the monitoring device finds a PC that is not attached and locked to  the cable,
   it sends an alarm message to the PC.

   The following figure depicts the mechanism.  


(1) Locking-cable
(2)  Sensor to detect the connection of the locking-cable.
(3)  Wireless LAN card
(4)  Alarm PGM (program)
(5)  LAN support PGM
(6)  PGM that checks the messages sent from PCs

each PC 1 When the power of PC is on, the alarm PGM starts. This PGM,  1.1 First, send the ID of the PC.
  1.2 Next     IF  the following two conditions are satisfied, it periodically (say     every 15 minutes) send the ID of the PC to the monitor.   a. The wireless LAN function in the PC runs.   b  It receives a response from the monitor sys...