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Precision Finishing of Magnetic Recording Heads

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029474D
Publication Date: 2004-Jun-30
Document File: 4 page(s) / 359K

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Thin film magnetic recording heads are manufactured via a deposition process followed by sequential dicing and polishing steps. During the final slider dicing operation, the edges of the sliders become chipped due to the brittle nature of the AlTiC substrate and result in a rough surface on the edge of the sliders. Without refining this edge, the potential exists to generate debris during normal hard disk drive operating conditions. On approach to resolving this issue is to polish the sliders with an abrasive tape immediately after the rowbar is diced and while it is still mounted in the fixture. Several polishing devices that can accomplish this operation are presented in this paper. The polishers contain a series of pin rollers that allow a single strand of double-sided or single sided abrasive tape to be fitted between the individual sliders. With the tape fitted between the sliders, the sliders are moved against the tape and then oscillated back and forth to polish the slider edges.