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Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling the combustion atmoshphere on a reverberatory furnace Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029478D
Publication Date: 2004-Jun-30
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TITLE:  Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling the combustion atmosphere on a reverberatory furnace


SUMMARY:  In this invention a method and apparatus is described for using multiple gas monitoring based on tunable diode laser measurement where the beam propagates across the process near the bath surface. Key combustion species O2, CO, H2O can be monitored and used for adjusting the combustion atmosphere above the metal bath.  Temperature monitoring using multiple H2O absorption lines is used to determine the average temperature near the bath surface.  Here information on the rate of change of the gas temperature measured is related to the charging load introduced into the furnace.   For controlling the reducing atmosphere the level of CO observed near the bath region is always higher than measurements made in the stack.  Therefore, control of the CO level near the bath surface is the preferred method and can impact the overall efficiency of the process.  Finally, a modified interface piece between the process and modules is described for use in positive pressure operating conditions.




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