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Method for creating a multi-dimensional image for a small quantity of signal paths pulled from a large package design file Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029499D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-01
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The method or program described here takes the information from a complex visual electronic design file and redraws only the specific signal traces specific. This allows someone to quickly visualize routing of signals which span multiple layers in a single view. The program or method may be tailored to apply to one signal, or multiple signals and viewed in either a two-dimensional or three-dimensional format.

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Method for creating a multi -dimensional image for a small quantity of signal paths pulled from a large package design file

A complex package design typically consists of numerous signal traces, power structures, multiple layers, and vias interconnecting these traces, structures, and layers. These three-dimensional package designs occasionally need to be reviewed visually by persons looking at specific signal paths through the design. A multi-layer design can be very difficult to browse and visualize a small quantity of signals within the design tool itself. This difficulty is caused by the tool's method of showing all signals on a given layer at one time. The problem becomes more difficult as blind and buried vias are used to change signal routing layers. The current solutions available typically are the use of highlighting colors for the specific signals and then showing the various layers where these signals reside. This method works well for a two-dimensional view of a single layer, but provides little capability for visualizing the complete three-dimensional routing structure.

     The core method described by this invention is to translate the complex package design data from the design tool and redraw only the signal or signals desired into a visual tool which has the ability to display the same traces into a less complex format which either a two- or three-dimensional format.

     The basic method described here takes an existing physical design file, extracts out the design information, selects only the portion of interest, and enters just that information into a different visual tool. The diagrams below show the case where a single net within a multi-chip module has been routed on multiple planes within a mul...