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Method of easily servicing the main PCI board in a Midplane based computers system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029509D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-02
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In order to more easily service the PCI systemboard in a midplane based computersystem it is desirable to be able to replace this board with minimal dismantling. This disclosure provides one way of doing this.

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Method of easily servicing the main PCI board in a Midplane based computers system

     In this disclosure in order to reduce the time taken to service a part of a computer system it is necessary to make the parts easy to remove and replace and to reduce the number of parts that need to be removed in order to get the failing item. In a Midplane based system most parts are plugged into the midplane and are easily removed but the PCI system board must plug into both the midplane and the PCI cartridges themselves and is mounted below the bottom guides for the cartridges. This makes it difficult to access and a traditional route would be mount it in a rear shuttle that contained both it and the Midplane. This method has the drawback of requiring major dismantling of the system to replace the card.

     The invention mounts the PCI board in a "sled" that has the Cartridge guides on the top side, a removal mechanism on the bottom and any required I/O on the front and rear surfaces. Fig 1 shows a system having these features. The Super I/O card and all the PCI cartridges all plug into the PCI card. This means that to replace the card all that is required to be done is the Cartridges and Super I/O are unplugged and removed then a lever is operated that drives the sled out the rear of the system and overcomes the unplugging force of the connector that attaches the PCI card to the Midplane. The replacement would be this subassembly (the sled mechanicals would add little cost to the comparatively expensive Card.) and replacement would be the reverse of the above.

Fig 2 shows more clearly the assembly that makes up the Sled


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