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Flame Proofing Water Carrying Hoses Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029548D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-06
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The invention makes water carrying hoses flame proof by enveloping then in a long, flexible metal sleeve. The metal sleeve can be easily installed over a hose in the field and is flexible enough to follow the bends in the hose.

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Flame Proofing Water Carrying Hoses

The invention envelopes the hose in a long, flexible metal sleeve consisting of short sections of thin-walled metal pipes designed to slip over the hose with each front-end of a pipe snapping and locking in to the back-end of the adjacent pipe. The snapping action is facilitated by slotting the back-end of the pipe so that the pipe cross section decreases and expands back when it is pushed into the front end of another pipes as shown in figure below. Slots in the back end of a each pipe make the back end cross section flexible enough for insertion in the front end of another pipes. The front ends may be rigid.

    The front and the back ends of the pipes are made spherical so that when locked into each other, the joint between two pipes can bend somewhat like an elbow. Thus the assembly of pipes, we call a sleeve, can follow the bends in the hose. The sleeve is thus flexible. The pipes can be made of various lengths. Long lengths can be used where no bend is needed. Short lengths can be used where the hose bends sharply. The minimum inner diameter of the pipes has to be larger than the maximum diameter of the hose and its end terminations.

    The hoses can be laid out in the customer location and the metal pipes pushed over the hoses. The metal pipes are then snapped together. At the hose ends, the sleeve can be locked in place by locking rings which when installed stop the sleeve from moving off the hose.


Interlocking metal slee...