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Method to detect and notify user of non-supported PCI Express adapters

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029555D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-06
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Method to detect and notify user of non-supported PCI Express Adapters.

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Method to detect and notify user of non -supported PCI Express adapters

The introduction of the new PCI express architecture has brought with it a host of new connectors to be used on motherboards within computer systems. These connectors range in functionality and physical size. One problem that is specifically introduced by the PCI express architecture is that a single connector is expected to support several different flavors of the technology. The x16 connector is the full-sized PCI express connector that will be used for video card purposes. This connector is also expected to support x1 cards and is recommended to support x8 and x4 cards as well. Support for the ADD2 R or N card is a unique solution that Intel provides that also utilizes the x 16 connector.

This introduces a problem in systems that only choose to support some, and not all of the cards that will fit into the x16 connector. For example, a system board could utilize a x16 connector to support ADD2-R as well as x1 PCI express card but NOT be electrically capable of supporting full blown x 16 video cards. This presents a problem in that unknowing customers might see a x16 connector on a system board and automatically assume that it will support all of the above listed cards . If an unsupported card is placed in the slot, it will not function leaving the user to guess why. It is possible to develop and a system board that will utilize an x16 connector, however, the connector might not be able to s...