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Passthru Test Adapter for VHDM Products Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029571D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-07
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This disclosure presents a hardware concept that acts as an electro-mechanical pass thru interface between a VHDM cable and a mating header.

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Passthru Test Adapter for VHDM Products

Functional level testing in large enterprise system environments usually requires multiple plugs/un-plugs of cable to card connections. VHDM style products with multiple arrays of pins and sockets have a qualified plug life based on pre-determined testing. The multiple plugs required in a test environment could expose the cable connections and card header to reliability concerns by exceeding plug life. In addition, the multiple plugs required exposes the cable connector to wafer damage. One of the requirements of any connection interface is low attenuation and matched impedance to prevent signal loss and distortion. Disclosed is a method to extend plug life on the VHDM components used on the cable assemblies and cards by reducing the number of connections required. This consists of a pass thru test adapter specifically designed for the eleven, thirteen and fourteen row VHDM headers. It also maintains a guidance relationship between the sockets (wafers) and the pins (header) thru the use of guide pin blocks as shown in the figure.


The embodiment of this hardware offers the following advantages in an Enterprise test environment.

· Electrical & Mechanical bridge between VHDM Cable and VHDM Header on card
· Use of compliant pin technology for zero insertion loss
· Matched Impedance
· Configurable to 6x11, 6x13 and 6x14 VHDM Cables / Card Headers
· Use of guide pins for mechanical retention and guidance


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