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Mechanism to Process Execution Context Passed Into a J2EE 1.5 Connector Architecture Work Manager

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029575D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-07
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Described is a mechanism to process the ExecutionContext passed into a J2EE 1.5 Connector Architecture Work Manager by any interested Java Service that is a part of the J2EE application server runtime.

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Mechanism to Process Execution Context Passed Into a J 2EE 1.5 Connector Architecture Work Manager

While the J2EE* 1.5 Connector Architecture provides a way for an Enterprise Information System (EIS) to pass execution context to a resource adapter and describes how the resource adapter passes execution context on each request to the work manager to associate with the thread that the work will run on, the architecture does not describe how to pass the context to Java services that want to process the context or how the work manager would be aware of which services want to receive the context. This mechanism describes a way to handle this. This mechanism allows each service that is interested in processing the execution context to register an ExecutionContextHandler with a WorkManagerService that is provided by the application server runtime. As part of the start up of a work thread, each ExecutionContextHandler is passed the ExecutionContext that was passed in with the work request. When the work has completed running on the thread, each ExecutionContextHandler is again called to do any cleanup that needs to be done on the thread. Each service implements an ExecutionContextHandler. This interface has two methods:
interface ExecutionContextHandler {
void associate(ExecutionContext ec)
void dissociate()


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ExecutionContext, and stores the Xid in the ExecutionContext. The resource adapter sends a request to the WorkManager to start work that will run under th...