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Radical photoinitiators for holographic data storage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029578D
Publication Date: 2004-Jul-08

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The following text relates to photoinitiators, in particular 1-[4-(phenylthio)phenyl]-2-(O-benzoyloxime)-1,2-octanedione and derivatives thereof and 1-[9-ethyl-6-(2-methylbenzoyl)-9H-carbazol-3-yl]-1-(O-acetyloxime)-ethanone and derivatives thereof and oxime sulfonate compounds in combination with sensitizers, which generate radicals and initiate polymerization of monomer upon irradiation with blue laser radiation, suitable for holographic data storage. The wavelength range of the blue laser is 390 - 420 nm, preferably 400-410 nm and particularly 405 nm. Holographic storage systems (holographic recording media) are for example used to record and to retrieve large amount of data with fast access time. The photoinitiators as described below are for example in particular suitable for systems as described for example in WO 03/021358.