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Location Based Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029579D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-08
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Soon a mobile phone usersĀ“ location will be available to be utilized for informative and advertisement purposes. How will an advertiser reach most users in its area? How will users protect themself against unwanted advertisements whilst enabling interesting commercial information? The location based services is a business model that helps advertisement agency reach a high number of users and users obtain the right type of information. Anywhere, Anytime, on Any device.

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Location Based

The invention is a business model which solves a problem that will occur in the future. To better understand the nature of this problem a brief introduction of the so called "location based services" is needed.

    Currently a very fastly developing technology, location based services (LBS) will be used by everyone in the future on a daily basis. LBSs are a range of services which can be provided from a mobile network provider or associated companies to the user of a mobile interconnected device such as a mobile phone or a pda. As the name itself implies, these services are offered to the mobile users by using information on their location. Nowadays in fact, it is possible for mobile providers to retrieve the position of a customer whenever he/she connects the mobile device to the network. This can be done through triangulation techniques or GPS systems embedded in the devices. Once the provider knows the position of the customer, it can offer the user information related to the position like for example: - the position of the nearest gas station, or ATM - the optimal path to a certain address taking into account road blocks - request for assistance by providing this position to the nearest AAA road service - provide suggestions on the restaurant in the area

    If this positioning data would be passed to retail companies, they would be able to send information to the users about: - an offer going on in a store close to him/her - availability of the parking places in a nearby parking garage - the presence of a fast food restaurant in the vicinity

    Of course the position information has a number of privacy issues: not every user wants others to provide information about his/her positioning. Nevertheless, users might be interested in allowing certain companies to have access to this information in case this turns to their advantage. For the user the problem is therefore to provide information on the position only to the companies he/she wants to receive the information. For the company the problem is to obtain the approval from the customer before using location information. The location based services certificate is a piece of information sent to the customer by a company who would like to use his/her location to provide ad hoc services. The location based services certificate is a TCP/IP based certificate that can be sent to a device by a company whenever the latter wants to receive approval for the use of the user's position. Much as for what happens with internet certificates, the user receives a message, and is able to press on the "yes" or "no" button depending on the decision. The certificate can be sent by a c...