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Speech enabled bookmarks with customized pronunciations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029723D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-09
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The invention provides the method to speech enabled bookmark with customized pronunciations as a part of command and control interface.

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Speech enabled bookmarks with customized pronunciations

A speech enabled bookmark is a crucial element of voice enabling command and control of an application and the navigation of pages in a multimodal browser. A nickname of the web page can be used to generate the default vocabulary after the user has entered it visually (i.e. via the keyboard). Then, the user can enter a user voice nickname via voice to customize the pronunciation of the voice bookmark. Without the customized pronunciation, the bookmark name has to be reasonable to be usable.

The browser provides the bookmark dialog for entering the bookmark's name/nick name via keyboard and via voice. Then, use of the acoustic baseform service converts speech in the form of PCM data entered via voice bookmark into baseforms. An application can then add the created baseforms to extend a vocabulary at run time and map the baseforms to bookmark's text entered via keyboard. Then the user can go to the bookmark site by speaking to the browser the same way he/she added the bookmark.

Here is an example of the bookmark page. Name is your tradition browser bookmark name. Nick name or voice nickname is the vocabulary used as part of your voice navigation of the bookmark. Microphone icon is used for customizing the pronunciation of your voice bookmark.

Name: XHTML+Voice Profile 1.1

Nickname: X+V Spec

The user clicks on microphone the icon to star...