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Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-12
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A method for deterring theft of portable computers. A movement security mode is provided that can be activated by several methods such that when the portable computer is moved, a password must be entered to disable the warning. If the password is not entered or is entered incorrectly, then an audible alarm is given. The form of this alarm can be several, including a audio message in the form of "WARNING -- I AM BEING STOLEN, PLEASE CONTACT SECURITY OR THE POLICE".

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A motion sensing mode is added to a portable computer. This is composed of a physical sensor in concert with software that enables or disables alarm warnings if the computer is moved. Operation of the "movement security mode" is as follows:

The mode is activated, either by a keystroke or icon clicking, or other mechanisms.

If the "movement security mode is enabled" and the computer is moved, then it will

prompt for a password. If the correct password is entered, then it will reset itself and all is normal.

If the incorrect password is entered (an option to allow n number of retries would be

  configurable), then the computer will use its speaker and repeatedly begin "speaking" a message such as 'WARNING -- I AM BEING STOLEN , PLEASE CONTACT SECURITY OR THE POLICE' until the correct password is entered, the battery wears down, or someone physically disconnects the speaker. This alarm could be supplemented with other types of alarms such as sirens. The program would be such that it locks up the system and will not allow a remote or other function until the correct password is entered even if the system is "totally" powered off and then powered on again. Additional features include:

  National Language Support (NLS) enabled so that for non-U.S. countries, the message could be tailored to the local language. If the user did not attempt to enter a password within a short period of time, an initial reminder beep could be sounded, a...