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Control ODCS (On-Demand) Database Methodology Disclosure Number: IPCOM000029770D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jul-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jul-12
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The Control On Demand Data Center Services (ODCS) Databases" is a tactical methodology which addresses activities that define the customers' database parameters, establishes and enables the database, and monitors the database thereby supporting the customers Database requirements within the On Demand environment.

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Control ODCS (On-Demand) Database Methodology

A method is disclosed that has been designed as a tool to deploy and administer customer databases. The problem solved is the ability to build, maintain and provide the appropriate security / protection for customer needs within a standardized database infrastructure that supports multiple customer accounts within the On-Demand environment. The challenge is that the customer(s) application database(s) vary greatly and generally are highly customized. The method utilizes a consistent, optimized approach which removes inconsistencies typically found in traditional physical database support practices.

A key factor is the ability to support a standard cost model for database services which includes software licensing, installation and the physical Database Administration function (DBA). In conjunction with this method, a large number of database support tasks have been automated to provide the consistency required. Other considerations includes the ongoing physical database support which incur a majority of the labor hours associated with DBA support. This methods standardized, repeatable, and automated solution allows DBA's to provide the same or higher quality support at a lower cost compared to traditional outsourcing.

As such, this methods design addresses the abilities to deploy, maintain and administer multiple customer databases using shared resources such as CPU, disk storage, memory, etc. while knowing that the customer may at anytime demand (On-Demand) additional resources to meet their business requirements. This is accomplished by exercising the method which lays out an infrastructure made up of standard ODCS userids, groups, filesystems and database scripts used by the database instance. The database administrator is able to quickly complete the installation of the database software, create the database instance and deploy the standard database scripts. The method is also designed to protect customers data from access by other customers. The filesystems are placed in such a way to segregate important data from other filesystems and additionally separate them at the shared disk storage level.

The advantage of this method allows the build of a database instance which is readily available for the customer. Steady State support is more efficient in problem resolution, better able to dynamically respond to customer On Demand growth, and upgrade customer databases as required.

The success is due to the specialized method built for On Demand that permits a standardized delivery method for every customer boarded, regardless of the server type or configuration. This standard delivery delivers the on-demand concept, enabling quick turnaround of an optimized dat...